Dr. Isela Garcia

Dr. Isela Garcia is an inspirational and energetic speaker, trainer and consultant. Her nearly 30 years of experience has taught her the value of laughter, purposeful connections, and the art of listening intently. She is incredibly passionate and continually seeks to create innovative approaches to training and education. Love is the core of her philosophical foundation--belief in the goodness in all people. 

Alesi Group Partners

It all started with an idea:

What if there was an organization that stood on the foundation of best practices for adults--an experience where the philosophical foundation I believe about early education became true for not only the services we offered, but in our relationships and our collaborative efforts with one another? 

I believe that we are most effective when we feel good about our work and our relationships with one another as we work. My hope is that we create respectfully responsive relationships that support one another in strengthening our existing talents while challenging one another to grow and continually stretch our minds.


As I thought about this idea, I thought, "Who do I know that is the best of the best in what they do?"


The individuals here are Alesi Group Partners who contribute to projects, trainings, and/or provide consultation as projects/opportunities arise. Each are dynamic and incredibly knowledgeable! I've seen them at their best--as I've had the privilege of working with each of them over the course of my career. Some have independent businesses or they are employed with other organizations--they collaborate with Alesi Group when their expertise is needed. 

Jenna Bilmes

Author, Consultant, Trainer


Bernadette Herran, LMSW, CCDI 

Trainer & Consultant, Conscious Discipline (R) Certified Instructor



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Regina Sung Aldridge

Early Childhood Consultant, mommy to Violet and lover of the outdoors