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Alesi Group, LLC specializes in brain-based training, coaching and consultation. Our expertise aligns with current research in early childhood education and adult learning. What sets us apart is in our delivery of the research-supported information. We adhere to the philosophical foundation of the parallel process—do unto others as you would want them to do unto others.


In our work as trainers and consultants, we have developed an extensive understanding of how the brain acquires knowledge primarily from our work with young children. The field of early childhood education embraces an experiential, play-based approach to learning, in an emotionally safe climate, where learning includes an active exploration of real materials and relevant experiences supported by teachers who help children expand upon their current knowledge and understanding. As a field, we embrace children’s natural curiosities and believe that through their active exploration, analysis and discovery that they will become proficient learners with the ability to create new ideas and concepts.


Here's the problem, as we see it: Many of us believe, given what the research says, that learners need to be actively engaged. We stand up for that as educators. Yet, we consistently create professional learning experiences for adults that do not align with how the brain learns best. There's so much available in terms of professional development. But, most continue to simply be informational sessions rather than sessions that are transformative--where the learner is asked to reach deep into the core of what they believe (their values, beliefs, and practices) and get real with who they are in relation to both children and the adults they interact with. 


We must touch the heart in order to shift the mind. 


In order for transformative and systemic shifts to occur, we must be willing to have the difficult conversations, to delve deeper, and to understand who we are in the presence of others if we hope to create the experiences young children need to thrive in this world. 


We believe that age has little to do with best practices. Whether you're four months, four years of age, 14 or 40, we all need to feel safe, connected, and loved,....only then can we truly learn. 


Alesi Group aims to be the catalyst for the transformation of beliefs and practices.  

 professional learning

Upcoming Sessions     

BOOK STUDY: The Yes Brain by Daniel J Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson
March 18, 25 April 15, 22, 29 (All six sessions)
Let's Go Outside! March 14
Ignite Series
What About the Quiet Ones?  March 28
Supporting Children's Social & Emotional Development Series 
Critical Foundations That Every Teacher Needs  MAY 2
Supporting Children's Social & Emotional Development Series
All Session are held at
Phoenix Modern
200 E Mitchell
Phoenix, AZ 85012

The Kindergarten Experience

a collaboration with the Arizona Department of Education, supported by Virginia G. Piper Trust

From 2014-2019, Alesi Group, in collaboration with Arizona Department of Education, developed training modules in preparation of the Kindergarten Developmental Inventory, now called the Teaching Strategies Gold, Birth-3rd Grade for Kindergarten Educators in Arizona. Our work was to support the implementation of evidence-based practices in kindergarten including instructional strategies, approaches, expectations, and classroom design for the effective implementation of a true formative assessment, supporting the whole child. Our goal was to reach every kindergarten teacher in the state, but we quickly learned that without administrative support, systemic change was virtually impossible. 


Although we were unable to reach every teacher, we are proud of our work. Our impact, according to our evaluation report, is a testimony to our commitment in creating systemic and dynamic shifts in not only practices, but in beliefs, as well! 


If you are interested in scheduling professional development for your school/district or program for KINDERGARTEN THROUGH THIRD GRADE, we are able to offer a customized professional learning series based on the modules we developed for the Arizona Department of Education. 


If you don't believe us...

check out our Project Evaluation Report! 

Professional Learning

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